Bujumbura City

Bujumbura is the capital and largest city of Burundi. It is on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake in the world after Lake Baikal.

The city offers a lot to do and see:

The beach

While in Bujumbura, do not miss the opportunity to see the white sand of Lake Tanganyika. The lake possesses the biggest fresh water reserve on the continent of Africa. At the beach, you find nice hotels offering services of all kinds. You enjoy sitting on sun chairs seeing the Hypos the same time eating “Umukeke”, the fresh fish from Lake Tanganyika.

Musée Vivant

Musee vivant is a Mini –Zoo where you find leopards, snakes, chimpanzee, birds and more. Inside the zoon compound there are crafts shops offering you hand made products at affordable prices.


Bujumbura city is a colonial town where you find historic monuments of different heroes in Burundi (the hero of Independence and the hero of Democracy) and the revolution monument.

The University of Burundi

Located at the top of Bujumbura hills, The University of Burundi offers an open view of the city and Lake Tanganyika. The university started in 1964 and its infancy was operated by the Roman Catholic Church that handed it later to the government

Bars and restaurant

Bars and Restaurants in Bujumbura are pretty. They offer you various drinks and food stuffs including traditional ones.  In some bars, you find music bands playing live music at your satisfaction.