About Us

Vista Burundi is a fully registered company by the Burundi Investment Authority (API). It was founded to promote tourism in Burundi because we believe in the potential of the country to improve its economy and boost the livelihoods of many women, men, youth and children and, we are committed to helping achieve this.
Burundi currently has an undeveloped tourism infrastructure but offers exciting holiday opportunities for all kinds of travelers. Vista Burundi offers you a unique range of tourism services in Burundi-tour package, vehicle rental, Hotel Reservation and transfers. It is there to fill the gap by offering you services that will make your tour a trip of lifetime.

With Vista Burundi, we help you to enjoy the beauty of Burundi, the heart of Africa.
Our company will organize an itinerary for your tour that is carefully designed around what YOU want rather than a set of pre planned tours that we might think you want. We will work with you to ensure you have a great holiday in Burundi.
Our staff bring a commitment to their work and they are keen to share with you, the pride of their country.
Our style of operation is to keep your trips affordable but if you want the more luxurious this can also be arranged.
We can design tours from 1 day to 1 month to suit your requirements as well as opportunities to maximize what you can see if you are travelling on a 3 day transit visa.